About Us

About Blocktech Connect

Unitralis will be hosting the 2nd Blocktech Connect all-day conference on January 28, 2020 in downtown Hamilton, Ontario at the David Braley Centre at 100 Main St W.

The primary focus of this year’s conference is to expand beyond blockchain technology to include innovation such as Artificial Intelligence(AI), and the Internet of Things(IoT).  Of course still with an eye on unity in the decentralized world.

This year’s theme is “How to thrive in a borderless, decentralized and localized world leveraging Blockchain, AI, and IoT” to stay current and relevant to ensure greater business success.

By bringing together industry leaders to present on the aforementioned theme, it is the goal of this conference to provide experiences that will inspire, spark, and ignite innovation within the community in and around Hamilton, Southern Ontario, and beyond.

The Audience

Hamilton and Southwestern Ontario boast many innovative professionals, technologies, and companies that typically work at the big city down the road.  This is changing, and changing faster than we could have hoped. Many are setting up shop right here in Hamilton. “Tech Lives Here” is becoming a reality and the more we bring together the community at large, the more we believe it will foster the kind of community that wants to see Hamilton grow its diversity.